Lab Members

Wai-Lung (Billy) Ng​

Assistant Professor / Principal Investigator

B.Sc. & Ph.D. in Chemistry, CUHK
Postdoc, Oxford & Harvard

Jonathan Wong

Postdoctoral Fellow

B.Sc. Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry,
M.Res. in Chemical Biology,
University of Glasgow
Ph.D. in Organocatalysis,
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Stephan Scheeff

Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. rer. nat. (equiv. to PhD) in Chemistry,
University of Bonn,
GermanyDiplom (equiv. to M.Sc.) in Chemistry,
Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany

Jiatong Wang 

Postdoctoral Fellow

B.Sc. in Agriculture,
Northwest A&F University
M.Sc. in Cell Biology,
Northeast Normal University
Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences,
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Bowen Ma

Ph.D. Student​

B.Sc. in Chemistry, 
Univerisity of Sheffield
M.Res. in Drug Discovery and Development,
Imperial College London

Shahed Khan

Ph.D. Student

M.Sc. in Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine,
University of Nottingham​

Xu He


Ph.D. Student

B.Sc. in Biological Science,
Jilin University
M.Eng. in Bioengineering,
Jilin University

Yao Qin


Ph.D. Student

B.Sc. in Preventive Medicine,
Jilin University
Master of Pharmacy,
Xiamen University

Josefina Xeque Amada

Ph.D. Student

Master of Pharmacy,

Durham University

Tongyang Xu


Research Assistant

B.Sc. in Pharmaceutical Science,
Fudan University
M.Sc. in Drug Discovery and Translational Biology,
The University of Edinburgh

Zhihao Guo


Research Assistant

B.Sc. in Pharmacy,
Qingdao University
M.Res. in Microbial and Biochemical Pharmacy,
Peking Union Medical College

Former Group Members


Previous Position

Current Position

Yu Yan 闫雨Postdoctoral FellowConsultant, Bank of Communications
Dicky Wong Tak Hin 黃德軒Research AssistantPh.D., École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)
Haohua LiSummer intern (Virtual) B.Sc., Honors in Microbiology and Immunology, University of British Columbia
Jackie ManSummer intern (Virtual)B.Sc., Medical Biosciences, Imperial College London
Mia Mingxia Wu 吳明霞Ph.D. Student (Co-supervise)Medical Science LiaisonMedical Science Liaison, Novartis Oncology
Shih YirahVisiting StudentB.Sc., Medical Biosciences, Imperial College London
Peter CheungUndergraduate ResearcherMB.ChB., The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Cheuk Yiu Kasy CheuVisiting StudentB.Sc., Durham University
Winkie WongVisiting StudentUniversity of Nottingham
Xinze LiVisiting StudentPh.D., Fudan University
Xiaoding Jiang 蔣曉丁Postdoctoral FellowPostdoc in Chemical Biology, University of Virginia (As of 2021)
Maoyun Lyu 呂茂雲Research AssociatePostdoctoral Fellow, Indiana University (As of 2021)
Huazhang Zhu 朱華璋Research AssistantPh.D., Department of Biology and Chemistry, CityU
Lo Tsz Kin, JoeUndergraduate ResearcherN/A
Christy Wing Sum Tong 唐詠芯Ph.D. Student (Co-supervise)Scientific Officer, HKU (As of 2021)
Lo Ho Sing, FredUndergraduate ResearcherM.Sc., KU Leuven (As of 2020)
Au Yuen Ping, PenceUndergraduate ResearcherN/A
Paco ChowVisiting StudentB.Sc. in Biomedical Sciences, University of Oxford  (As of 2020)
Mody YimVisiting StudentGeelong Grammar School (As of 2019)​
Chris Chung 鍾毅霖Visiting StudentM.Sc. in Biochemistry,  University of Oxford (As of 2019)